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The Dancing Kitchen

Real Food! Real Fun! No Product Agenda! Are you feeling selfish? Here is your chance to have me all to yourself!!

The Dancing Kitchen

Ask all the hula hoop and food questions you have ever wanted! (This Bunny makes house calls) How It Works: 30 minutes of hooping + 30 minutes of fooding = 1 hour of awesome. Hula hoops will be provided. However, you are welcome to order a custom beginner fitness hula hoop with two colors from me and add it to your session for $20.00USD. It can be made collapsible for an additional charge.

So why dance in your kitchen? why not! I want you to enjoy the benefits of eating well and knowing your body so you don't feel like you have to rely on dieting or energy drinks. Hula hooping has been  a great help in my geek out for wellness. I hate the gym and I have a hard time sticking to boring routines. The hoop set up is so fun and empowering. You have a small investment for big rewards! And you can take it anywhere and do it just about everywhere.

Things we might hoop about: How to keep it up, Flat belly flow exercises, Fun choreography, Finding Flow, Tricks, Etc.

Things we might food about: How to clean up your diet, how to make a healthy version of your favorite foods, chocolate cravings, sugar cravings, being the best weight for your body, etc.

Why you might like to work with me: I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach graduated from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Hoopnotica Hoopdance Instructor, CPR Certified and fully covered with K & K Insurance. I love to dance, make good food and share it with everyone!


*If you are not in the New England South Coast Area there is a blog and You Tube channel in the works so you can still enjoy Dancing Kitchen goodies!*


If you are excited about the idea but not really sure what to ask for please feel free to try one of the suggested sessions below:

  How To Be A Sugar Free Rockstar

  Chocolate Lover's Survival Kit       

  Beginner's Belly Flow

  Grocery Store Guru

Send me a message today for availability and a personal plan today!

xoxo Bunny!

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