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Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

FAQs - All FAQs

Anyone! And I mean any able bodied person can hula hoop given the right sized hoop and directions. Rock back and forth. Breathe. Count in your head to get the movement consistent. *I should do a video on this*

If you are looking to lose weight this is a fun, low impact activity that totally works and goes everywhere with you. You should eat a healthy diet and waist hoop for 30 minutes a day to see results.You can burn up to 400 calories per hour. If you are not looking to lose weight remember to eat plenty of calories and nutrient dense foods.

Hula hooping isn't just dancing or playing. It is a creative venue of movement. You can choose or develop any style. You can be strong and masculine or delicate and liquid. You get to choose because it is your body language. When you get in that hoop you have complete permission to be yourself.

Just like a healthy diet, fitness should be a variety of things you enjoy. This is great for your mind and body so you don't get in a rut. My favorites are yoga, jump roping, HIIT and pole dancing.

It sounds obvious but remember to drink a lot of water just like you would do after a professional massage. You are getting a fun natural detox!

So big hoops can look intimidating but they are actually made to fit your adult body. They also move slowly around your body so you have more time to respond to the rocking straight back and forth motion you should be doing with your tummy. Small hoops are made for kid bodies. Now, once you have practiced or gotten in to off body, minis or hand tricks you will LOVE little hoops too. Play with all the sizes!

Because hula hooping involves your body and your mind to understand the different angles and folds that are possible!  Learning your moves in both directions will help you hoop better and keep your brain healthy and active too.

Hooping is one of those funny meditative things like yoga or massage where emotional things can come to the surface. It is good to be present and accept the feelings that you have. Be patient with yourself. Deal with yourself. Have fun with yourself. You always have the opportunity to be refreshed. Remember to be kind to others that you hoop with too because they are hooping out their own journey as well.

I avoided this one for years because I can be painfully shy. You don't have to share your videos. They are just for you so you can see where you might be going wrong with a trick and it will help you improve your posture.

So buying local is awesome because you avoid shipping costs, you can usually get a large variety of options and if you have any problems you can just hit that maker up and have them help you out. Online you have more options than ever before to where to buy hoops. Sizes are usually put in the diameter and tubing size which is something most beginners are not familiar with and we know that. Just ask or send a message to the store owner. This is also a great way to see how good the customer service is based on how long it  takes to get an answer and how friendly they are with information. I would love to make you a hula hoop! My students love my hoops! I also happen to love Pop Lock And Hoop It if I want to buy a hoop because the name is fun, the colors are great and the sponsored hoopers rock!.

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