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Hey! Bunny here from Shooper Nerd! So most people have one thing they are really known for but for me it’s three. What are my 3 things? Hoops! Yarn! and Food! What does this mean really? Well, it means I am a certified health coach with a hoop addiction that loves to make hoop snacks and crafts!



I feel like for most of us these things all go together. We hoop because it’s fun and awesome and makes us feel good. We get nerdy about food so we have energy to hoop. Then, Geez! Some of this hoop stuff gets expensive and we need to support ourselves so we scour pinterest to make our own stuff.

I’m going to share what I learn and find to enhance my hooping and my life. No weird gimmicks or mysterious things to spend money on…Just real stuff. Plain and simple.

This is a judgement free zone.There are a rainbow of reasons to hoop; so many styles. I enjoy and appreciate them all! Soak up all the resources and get ready to be the best version of yourself!"

~Love Bunny

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